Why Use a REALTOR®

Why Use a Realtor

I am sure by now almost everyone living in Saskatchewan has seen an ad on TV or heard an ad on the radio about “Why use a REALTOR®”. These ads are typically sponsored by SRAR and CREA.

Some of these ads can seem a bit humorous, but to the people that these situations actually happen to, they are not funny at all. Thousands of dollars are lost and many years of legal proceedings occur when the transaction of buying or selling a home does not go smoothly.

Why Use a Realtor: There are two types of people who need a REALTOR®. Those who are selling their home, and those who are buying a home.

Selling Your Home

Although most buyers use a real estate agent because there is typically no cost to them, selling a home is something that some avoid due to the cost. CREA has produced a few videos that share stories from people who discovered too late how the expertise of a REALTOR® could have helped them save time and money . Here’s one from a Seller’s experience:

Here’s a brief list of reasons why choosing Slade as your REALTOR can help when selling your home:

  • Knowing when to sell. I know the current condition of the market and real estate trends that can help you decide whether or not waiting will make you more money.
  • If you need to sell quickly. With the access I have to buyers and knowing how to price your home to sell, I can help you decide on the right price-to-speed ratio.
  • Pricing your home right. The status of the current market, your neighborhood, and features of your home all play a part in pricing to sell.
  • Should you sell before you buy a new home.
  • Legal transactions. Taking care of all the legal requirements including titles and mortgages can be overwhelming for some.
  • There’s a lot of paperwork, and I can help you understand it.
  • Presentation of your home. There are small things you can do that will help your property become more attractive to buyers.
  • Marketing. Levering my marketing experience I can expose your home to the largest possible audience to help you sell quicker and for more money.

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Buying a Home

Why Use a Realtor: There are only benefits when you choose to use a REALTOR® to help you buy your home. In case you were on the fence, here are few reasons to help convince you:

  • Knowing if right now is a good time to buy. I understand the current market and can help you decide to wait a little or if now is the right time to buy.
  • Does the neighborhood fit my needs. My knowledge of Saskatoon can help you choose the neighborhood that best suits your needs.
  • Should you sell your current home first?
  • Help negotiate the best price and making the offer.
  • Arranging home showings.
  • Crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s. I can help you with the paperwork involved every step of the process.

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Why Choose Slade

On my home page, I list the top 5 reasons why choosing me as your REALTOR is a good choice. Combine those reasons with the facts above, I think you will make the right choice.