Pleasant Hill

Saskatoon Neighbourhood – Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill is a neighbourhood of Saskatoon. The Governments are undertaking a major re-vitalization project of Pleasant Hill. $3.5 million is being invested in the business, and residential areas as well as in St. Mary’s School. Together the Saskatoon Urban Renewal Project, the provincial government and the Western Economic Diversification project of the federal Government will result in neighbourhood overhauls. 29 lots zoned for business along 20th Street will be leveled and modern commercial upgrades put into place. Selected lots along Avenue N and Avenue O zoned as residential will be demolished to make way for affordable and decent homes. St. Mary’s School will receive major renovations or replacement, possibly even a new community centre.

Demograhics – There are 4,415 people living in the Pleasant Hill community area. The majority of homes in the Pleasant Hill Community are Multi Unit Dwellings. This area was first settled at the turn of the 20th century, age of homes are generally built before 1908 and typically sell between $58,995 and $68,269. Pleasant Hill has been a Vibrant Communities Partner since 2001 and benefits from various community developments by Quint Development Corporation and Children’s Hunger and Education Project. In Pleasant Hill in 2006, the average household size was 2.2 and the homeownership was 25.5%. According to MLS data, the average sale price of a home as of 2013 was $186,367.

Layout – Within the Core Neighbourhoods Suburban Development Area (West Side), the neighbourhood of Pleasant Hill is triangular in shape and is south of 23rd Street, North-west of the rail line which runs diagonally and east of Avenue W South. Streets are laid out east and west, avenues are laid out running north and south. The whole of the Pleasant Hill community is laid out in a grid pattern.

History – The first name of the hill of this area was called Willoughby Hill. From 1884 to 1890, Dr. J.H.C. Wiloughby was Saskatoon’s first post master and first physician on the east side of the River until after providing medical assistance to Middleton’s troops during the Riel Rebellion (Revolution). From 1885 to 1900 he departed to Regina. John Henry C. returned with his wife (Miss Hilliard) and homesteaded at Willoughby Hill. His homestead was Section 30 Township 36 Range 5 West of the 3rd Meridian, and his home was located at the present location of St. Paul’s Hospital. Being that he was a physician, his home was one of the first hospitals of the City of Saskatoon. In 1903 he helped to establish the first telephone in the area. He also became one of Saskatoon’s first city councillors from 1907–1908. The boundaries of the Pleasant Hill community used to extend west of Avenue W to Circle Drive, but in the early 1990s the City of Saskatoon redrew many of its neighbourhood boundaries; as a result, the section west of Avenue W was renamed Meadowgreen.

Education – Pleasant Hill School – public elementary, part of the Saskatoon Public School Division.
St. Mary’s Wellness and Education Centre – separate (Catholic) elementary, part of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools.

Area Parks – D.L. Hamilton Park – 1.63 acres (6,600 m2)
Fred Mendel Park – 12.63 acres (51,100 m2)
Pleasant Hill Rec. Unit – 2.94 acres (11,900 m2)
St. George’s Park – 0.93 acres (3,800 m2)
Grace Adam Metawewinihk Park – 1.02 acres (4,100 m2)
Pleasant Hill Spray Paddling Pool

Community – Pleasant Hill Community Association provides leisure activities for various age groups and operates out of both Pleasant Hill School and St. Mary School. Saskatchewan Music Educators has introduced drum circles entitled Circles of Peace in various schools, of which the Pleasant Hill Community School is one.

Pleasant Hill

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