Moving to Saskatoon – Resources for All

Moving to Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and continues to grow every year. If you’re moving to Saskatoon there are a few resources that can make this move an easy one. Of course everyone’s situation is different as to why they are moving to Saskatoon so I’ve broken out the resources into different categories.

Resources for All

There are two main resources that can help you find the info you’re looking for when moving to Saskatoon. They are the City of Saskatoon website and SREDA (Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority). Whether you’re immigrating, coming to Saskatoon to work, or wondering why you should move to Saskatoon, these two web pages are the place to start.

Immigrating to Saskatoon

Anyone immigrating to Saskatoon from a foreign country, or someone moving to Saskatoon whose first language is not English should first check out the Newcomer Information Centre This centre offers info on housing, schools, language programs and settlement services. They work along sing several immigrant-serving organizations and will refer you to the ones that best support your needs.

Moving to Find Work

Saskatoon has a vibrant business community filled with diverse industries. Some of the biggest industries include oil & gas, mining, agriculture and biotechnology. If you’re looking for work, Saskatoon has many opportunities. Here are a few resources that will help you find work in Saskatoon and area:

Looking to start a business in Saskatoon? Here are resources to help you with that:

Moving for School

Saskatoon is home to the University of Saskatchewan and many great colleges. Here are a list of the most popular:


The big media outlets are:


Looking for opinions from locals? Check out this article on Reddit.

Moving Companies

Help getting your stuff here:

Finding a Home

No matter where you’re moving from or why you’re moving, I can help you find the home that suits your needs. Start your home search on my dynamic MLS Listing search and contact me to setup a time to meet and discuss your needs.