Immigrating to Saskatoon? Cheap Way to Live

Immigratin to Saskatoon

Immigrating to Saskatoon? As newcomers, you may have a tight budget to survive until you find a job to make living. Some newcomers (such as students) don’t have enough money to buy basic stuffs they want to start  life here. If this is the case, how do you start your new life in a simple way or how can you save money you brought from your country until you find a living.

Spending less and buying cheap stuff for your basic needs during your initial stage will be the answer to this. You may need to buy some items (such as cooking utensils, bed or mattress, microwave, telephone, TV, winter cloths and other items) to start your new life. There are number of ways you can find cheap stuffs (or free stuffs) you need to start.  Here are some of the places you can try for cheap products;

Dollarama – Dollarama is Canada’s largest operator of “all-at-a-dollar” stores. Dollarama now has stores in every province of Canada, with Ontario having the most stores. All items are $1 (Not any more, but still cheap). Products you can buy are cleaning supplies, toys, gifts, healthcare products, kitchenware, school supplies, stationary, party supplies, and hardware.

Store locations in Saskatoon;

  • 106C-810 Circle Dr E, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 651-1280
  • 513 Nelson Rd, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 651-1265
  • 3011 Clarence Ave S, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 382-2936

Dollar Store – The dollar stores industry is the fastest growing retail sector in Canada as more and more people are becoming dollar store shoppers. These customers are looking to stretch their shopping dollars by purchasing everyday products at low, low prices and save time by shopping for these items at one convenient location.

Store locations in Saskatoon;

  • 14 – 705 Central Avenue, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-955-3273
  • 31-A, 2105 8th Street East, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-477-1220
  • 202 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon, SK. Tel:  306-477-2789

Salvation Army Thrift Store – By shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, you help give and support the Salvation Army’s programs, services and emergency relief efforts that nature the capabilities, skills and strengths of our neighbours and friends. By shopping at Salvation Army Thrift Stores, you help provide dignity and grace to children, families and individuals in your community.

Store location in Saskatoon;

410 – 42nd A Street East, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-956-4685

Value Village – Value Village, a Savers brand, is a for-profit, global thrift retailer offering great quality, gently used clothing, accessories and household goods. Our business model of purchasing, reselling and recycling gives communities a smart way to shop and keeps more than 650 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year. We also help more than 120 nonprofit organizations by paying them for donated goods, which supports their vital community programs and services.

Store locations in Saskatoon;

2115 Faithfull Avenue, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-668-6161

302 Cope Lane, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-955-8702

Garage Sales – A sale of used household belongings typically held outdoors or in a garage at the home of the seller. Garage sales are available normally during spring and summer months. It is fun to go garage sales. You can buy lots of good stuff.  You can find garage sales’ locations using classified advertisements in local papers.

Saskatoon Star Phoenix 

Kijiji Saskatoon

Kijiji – This is good site for everything. You will find lots of stuff you need (free stuff or used items at affordable price). You can even post an add free on this site asking for items you need.

Superstore – This is for your groceries. This store has everything you want. Compared to other grocery stores and supermarkets, this store is a cheap place. This has a section for ethnic food too. Check for NO Name Brands if you want to buy cheap items like bathroom tissues, washing liquids, macaroni, cheese, canned tomato sauce etc. Also, don’t forget to check out weekly flyers for even more savings!

Store locations in Saskatoon;

  • 411 Confederation Drive, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-683-5634
  • 2901 – 8th Street East, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306- 956-1605

Saskatoon Food Bank – At the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre we have a vision of a food secure community where all people have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food. We also believe it’s important to address the underlying issues contributing to hunger and poverty in our community. In our Learning Centre we operate various learning, self-help and life skills programs that are supportive of learning needs and aspirations within a family oriented, empowering and self-directed environment. We receive no core government funding and rely solely on the generosity of the community to operate.

Saskatoon location: 202 Avenue C. South, Saskatoon, SK. Tel: 306-664-6565

If you are immigrating to Saskatoon, we hope this will help make your move to Saskatoon more affordable. Call Slade Desrochers @ Slade Real Estate Inc. and Ask Slade how he can help you with your first home purchase.

Welcome to Saskatoon!