Good News, and More Good News!

Good News

I am proud to report that for the month of November, at Realty Executives, I was #1 for sales in the company of over 100 REALTORS. The market may be a tougher one this fall, but I pride myself on working hard and being proactive, despite the market trends. Sales were down 4% for the month of November, and 13% year to date, while listings are up 5%. Last November, sales in the city of Saskatoon were at almost $140 million, compared to this year at $127 million. The market is slow, but it’s not defeated.

The population growth in Saskatoon is helping keep our economy at levels to be proud of, and helping the real estate market in numerous ways.

According to a Star Phoenix article, “Saskatoon’s economy will prosper for years, statistician predicts”, “Between 2009 and 2014, the Saskatoon CMA’s population grew at a rate of 3.2 per cent – double the provincial average.” And that works out to mean that 51% of the population growth this province has seen during that period has taken place in Saskatoon. This has driven employment up, and has stabilized the real estate market. The article explains that our market is “leveling off” rather than crashing. This is good news!

So what can we take from all of this info? It’s a buyers’ market right now; and that means our listing to buyer ratio is high. For those of you on the listing side – patience is key, and it’ll happen!

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