Saskatoon Neighbourhoods

Saskatoon NeighbourhoodsA neighbourhood is the basic unit of residential development, comprehensively planned and maintained over the long term.

Many older Saskatoon neighbourhoods were defined be elementary school catchment areas. The boundries of some neighbourhoods were adjusted when the schoold boards no longer required students to live in their school catchment area.

The boundaries of neighbourhoods are now defined by “natural” barriers such as major streets, railways and bodies of water.

Please use this alphabetical list to learn more about Saskatoon neighbourhoods. Each Saskatoon neighbourhood has its own features and characters. This information is important while determining where you want to live in Saskatoon. If you are in the market to purchase your next home, Slade Desrochers can help you find the perfect home for you and your family, in your preferred neighbourhood. #AskSlade 306-222-9992 for more information today.

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Adelaide – Churchill              Caswell Hill                           Exhibition                               Holiday Park

Arbor Creek                               City Park                                Fairhaven                                Holliston

Avalon                                        Confederation Park            Forest Grove                        Hudson Bay Park

Blairmore                                  Dundonald                            Greystone Heights             Kelsey-Woodlawn

Brevoort Park                          Eastview                                 Grosvenor Park                  Lakeridge

Briarwood                                Erindale                                  Hampton Village                Lakeview

Buena Vista                              Evergreen                              Haultain                               Lawson Heights